Energy Healing with Kristin

Kristin works within four dimensions of being. She uses High Sense Perception to access and invite change within the Physical, Auric, Haric, and Core Star dimensions.


This dimension is the most obvious. It pertains to all functions and sensations of the physical body. It includes all body systems and conditions of health or disease.
Healing in this dimension:
– decreases pain and inflammation
– increases vitality
– improves coordination and balance
– promotes proper functioning of all organs and body systems
– enhances communication within the body on a cellular level to restore harmony and well being

This dimension is more subtle than the physical. It pertains to all emotions and mental processes, memories and belief systems. It contains energetic cords and relational connections to others who may be in a physical body or in spirit. The Auric level contains the entire chakra system and sets the template from which the physical body is formed.
Healing in this dimension:
– releases difficult emotional attachments
– assists in breaking free from unwanted or repeated habits and life circumstances
– removes energetic blocks
– repairs energetic cords for healthier interaction in relationships
– discovers and deepens contact with ‘lost’ parts of self
– develops compassion, love, forgiveness and resolution for self and other
– increases the flow of life force energy and creativity
– results in healthier sexuality

The Hara is an energetic line connecting a person to his/her physical body, the earth, the soul’s longing, life purpose, and to God.
It is the level of intention.
Distortions and misalignments of the Hara line manifests in negative intentionality. The effects depend upon which position of the line is in need of healing.
Misalignment of the Hara may be slight or extreme. It can result in loss of direction or purpose, feelings of isolation, and dissatisfaction with life. A person may be negative, confused, lost, disconnected, apathetic or tired.
Energy follows intention. Hara alignment determines the intentionality through which life force energy moves in the creation of our lives. Life experience is created according to intention; either negative, positive or effortless.
Our lives are our creations, whether we are aware of it or not.
Healing in this dimension:
– grounds and charges a person’s entire energetic system.
– is like adjusting the ‘spiritual antennae’ to receive assistance and manifest what is      wanted in life.
– results in effortless intention. Life is easier and goes with the flow of creation.
– assists with realization of the deepest longings of the heart.
– connects us with our unique life purposes here on earth.

Core Star:
The Core Star dimension existed prior to the others. It is the unique spark of the divine within each of us. From the light of God comes the Core Star. It is also called Core Essence.
From our individual essence, the intention to be here developed (Hara), from which our unique energetic configuration was created (Aura), from which our physical body was and is formed (Physical).
The Core Star is always healthy and beautiful. It is the light of God within that we individuals have the honor and responsibility to shine. Healing in this dimension is about uncovering who we truly are. It is about expanding the light which has been denied, dismissed, avoided or diminished.
Healing in this dimension:
– deepens connection with the sacredness of life
– results in deeper relationship and understanding of Self and God
– accesses truth and wisdom from within
– invites inner peace and joy
– expands capacity to hold and be held in unconditional love and acceptance
– encourages curiosity and wonder for all the present experiences of life.