About Sacred Life Energetics

Sacred Life Energetics offers unique and experiential workshops.

The workshops encourage participants to:

– look inward with curiosity and wonder.

– make contact with self, in non-judgment.

– develop an honest and loving relationship with self as a result of deep inquiry and acceptance.

– see that there is value in all the parts of self, both shadow and light.

– understand that being exactly who one is, is a gift to the world and a personal responsibility.

– experience and accept one’s humanity and divinity.

– take the purposes of his/her life more seriously, while taking himself more lightly.

– make contact with guidance from spirit.

Sacred Life Energetics is committed to encouraging healthy relationships, beginning with the relationship to self.

Relationship with the self is:

– the longest relationship of an individual’s lifetime

– the template for all other relationships

Healthy relationship with self:

     begins with awareness,

          leads to understanding,

               then acceptance,

                    then love,

                         then inner peace.

                             Inner peace leads to outer peace,

                                 Outer peace creates healthy relationships with others,

                                     and to the world.

Sacred Life Energetics presents ‘The Whole Human” workshop series for adolescents and adults.